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Multipoint thermocouple

Mineral insulated version - flexible

Max. number of measuring point: with supply and return conductors / with central lead


Typ “T-Ma 950 Hka 10x“

Sample Structure:

Thermocouple 10*NiCr-Ni, Type “K”, Basic values according to DIN EN 60584, Tolerance class 1, built as mineral insulated sheathed cable with a diameter Dma=9.5 mm made of 2.4816 (Inconel 600), with a wall thickness of min. 12% of the diameter. Total length GL=9580 mm, measurement points marked on the sheathed cable; Extension with connected individual strands 0.5 qmm (AWG 20), Teflon insulated, Strand length KL=250 mm, Colour code of strands according to DIN IEC (green + / white -), The measurement points are marked using numbered shrink tubing, T.max.= 1200 degree C.

Special features:
Cable transition sleeve with the same diameter as the Multipoint.
All thermocouple junctions are hot junction insulated.
T.max. at cable output 250°C.
Design for Pressure rating PN40.
Position of the measurement points can be freely selected

(For variants please refer to the worksheet).

Design of the thermocouples:
Max. temperatures according to DIN for element type:
NiCr-Ni, Type “K”1200°C; iCrSi-NiSi, Type “N” 1200°C

The advantages are:
Considerable time and cost savings during transport and installation of the Multipoint, because, for instance, it can be wound into a ring for shipping.

  • flexible to lay
  • faster response time
  • lower mechanical susceptibility

Areas of application:

In catalyst filling
Distillation columns
Foundry technology:: for die measurement