From Sample to Series KMP‘s high flexibility of temperature-sensing technology developer and manufacturer Our products cover all
major industries
Our products are used in various areas:
Chemical industries, energy, machinery and plant engineering,
food industry, pharmaceutical industry etc.
We live
customer care!
We are your ideal partner from sample to series.
Our priority is providing high quality products.
We pride ourselves in excellent customer care and services.
Signed and sealed The certification according to ISO 9001 confirms
the effectivness and efficiency of our processes.
CNC Precision
Turning Parts

Welcome to
KMP – Krick Messtechnik & Partner GmbH & Co. KG

  • single-unit production,
    small-/ medium-/ large series

  • new product development and prototype
  • custom-made

  • standard units
  • complex
    temperature sensors

  • varied production line

Our portfolio

  • over 25 years of experience
  • custom-made solutions for our clients
    (length, diameter, process- and measuring connections, etc.)
  • inhouse pressure tests up to 600 bar, electrical tests up to 5 KV, thermal testing up to 1.400 °C, response time testing, etc.
  • high level of vertical integration due to inhouse CNC Welding and turning centre


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