Chemical industry

In the chemical industry segment, we offer innovative solutions for a wide range of applications in process measurement technology, such as the precise measurement of values such…


We also offer a comprehensive product portfolio in the field of measuring and recording energy-related data with the highest precision and safety for the most diverse requirements.

Mechanical engineering industry

The industrial sector of mechanical and plant engineering includes different areas and fields of application such as process engineering, supply engineering, production…

Food industry

Controlled production processes are important in the production of high quality food. Sensitive temperature parameters are particularly important in the production of different types of food…

Pharmaceutical industries

The chemical and pharmaceutical industries place particularly demanding requirements and specifications on measurement technology with regard to sensitivity and accuracy.

Maritime technology

Also in the field of maritime applications and techniques, the precise execution and documentation of processes in measurement technology plays a major role.

Laboratory & test bench

Reliable measurement technology is an important prerequisite for improving factors such as safety, effectiveness and also process optimization in test benches and laboratories.