Magnet surface resistance thermometer with cable

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Precision resistor, Type Pt-100 (Pt-1000) according to IEC 60751 in Tolerance class B or A, connected in 2-, 3- or 4-wire circuit from precision resistor, installed in a metal protection sleeve made of stainless steel material of diameter 5 mm and lengths between 45 and 60 mm, the precision resistor is contacted on a thermal absorption sheet (disc) approx. 8 mm in diameter and made of copper, for better thermal coupling.

Measurement tip is spring-mounted and can be adjusted using the adjusting ring, the entire spring device is placed in a powerful U magnet with 9 kg traction with the dimensions WxLxH = 30x20x20 mm and a leg width of 7.5 mm, connected anti-kink spring with a length of 40 mm, subsequent connection cable 4*0.22 qmm cross-section, insulated individually and together with silicone, cable lengths can be selected individually.

The connection cable can be fitted at the cable end with a Lemosa-plug (coupling) or other connecting plugs; Additional type specification (S).

(For variants please refer to the worksheet).

Types of wiring: