Reference junctions – thermocouple

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Measurement element, Type “J”, “K” or “N”, Basic values according to DIN EN 60584,built as mineral insulated sheathed cable with a diameter of DMa=3.0 mm of VA material, nominal length NL=600 mm, cable transition sleeve of VA, anti-kink spring of VA with connected thermoelectric lead, FEP/Wire/FEP insulated, cable length KL1=3000 mm, Reference junction in protective tube made of acrylic (transparent) with a diameter D2=13*200mm, connection cable 2*0.22qmm, Teflon/Wire/Teflon insulated, cable length KL2=3000 mm, provided with Lemo-plug Gr.2, IP68, with anti-kink sleeve.
(For variants please refer to the worksheet).

Types of wiring: