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Multi-level-resistance thermometer, Type “W-M 100 (150,250,450,630 ) FHaKa“

Rigid design with custom-manufactured connection option

Protection sleeve n~ measuring points  Lmax./metres  Mat.
 9.0*1.5mm  ≤9  6.0m  VA/Inco*
12.0*2.0mm  ≤18  6.0m  VA/Inco*
12.0*2.5mm  ≤13  6.0m  VA/Inco*
14.0*2.5mm  ≤24  6/3m  VA/Inco*
21.3*2.6mm ≤79 12/12m  VA/Inco*

gem. Tabelle angeben Ø Durchmesser

Process connection

Document measurement point distribution here, or attach enquiry in separate file/sheet.

Please enter additional information for version with connection boxes here: (Example: number and size or input screwed connections, number and design of required fittings such as plug connections or assembly aid etc.)

with flange, swivel box
with cap nut
with threaded nozzle
with plug connection
optionally instead of connection box with transition dome forrecessed Lemosa coupling directly in dome (box):
Size: depending on number of measuring points – specification by KMP


optionally instead of a connection box with transition dome inc. extension leads with/without assembled plug system:

Stufen-Widerstandsthermometer, Typ “W-M 100 (150,250,450,630 ) FHaKa“

In starrer Ausführung mit individuell konfektionierbarer Anschlussmöglichkeit

Resistance thermometer 1(or number n=x) Type “Pt100” or “Pt1000”, performance according to DIN EN 60571, Tolerance class B, A or better, installed in an SS protective sleeve, extended with MI cable, insulation made of highly compressed magnesium powder.

Installed in a protective fitting made of stainless steel or Inconel,e.g. with connecting flange, neck tube and connecting box with cable gland connections and installed series terminals, measurement transmitters are also possible.If required the cable gland connections can also be replaced by various plug versions.

Other process connections or designs not listed here, can also be supplied. (For other options, please refer to the worksheet).

Specification of sensors and max. recommended temperature loading for the sensor type:

Pt100 / 1000, tmax. 600°C

For an improved response time, the sensors can be connected under certain conditions with the inner walls of the protection sleeve; see special designs section or ask our technical customer service department.

Areas of Application

Chemicals: in vessels & reactors
Petrochemicals: in catalyst filling and in distillation columns
Research: In laboratories and technical facilitiesfor media such as gases, vapours and liquids

Example type of wiring: