Magnet surface thermocouple with cable

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Magnet surface thermocouple with cable



Thermocouples 1 x Type “J”, “K” and “N”, Basic values according to DIN EN 60584, Tolerance class 1 or 2, Type “L” according to DIN 43710, Tolerance class 2, contacted on a thermal absorption sheet (disc) of approx. 8 mm diameter and made of copper, spring-mounted and adjustable using adjusting ring, spring device is placed in a powerful U-Magnet with 9 kg traction with the dimensions WxLxH = 30x20x20 mm and leg width of 7.5 mm, connected anti-kink spring with a length of 40 mm; Subsequent thermoelectric lead with 2×0.22qmm cross-section, insulated individually and together with silicone, cable lengths can be selected individually.

On request, the thermoelectric lead at the end of the lead can be provided with thermal plug or Lemosa plug (coupling); additional type specification (S).
(For variants please refer to the worksheet).

Types of wiring: