Large straight thermocouples

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Structure of the fitting:

Structure Form AK in accordance with DIN 50446; Protective tube according to EN 60672, diameter 24 mm of ceramic material “Ker 530”, “Ker 610” or “Ker 799”; Neck tube made of surface treated steel of diameter 32 mm and length 200 mm, connection head made of light metal Form A in accordance with EN 50446 (DIN 43729) with cable entry M20x1.5.
(For variants please refer to the worksheet).

Structure of Form AKK, an additional ceramic internal protective tube is installed here specially for thermocouples made of precious metals.

On request, is also available with a stop flange according to DIN 43734 or movable clamp connection;

see catalogue group “Components”

Structure of the inset:

Thermocouples 1 (2) x Type “J”, “K”, “N”, “S” and Type “B”; Basic values according to DIN EN 60584, Tolerance class 1 or 2; The thermo wires are insulated from each other or even from the protective tube through ceramic capillary pipes – in case of precious metal, they are made of ceramic “Ker 799”; alternatively inset according to DIN 43735 in flexible version as mineral insulated sheathed thermocouple gauge slide of 6 or 8 mm diameter made of stainless steel 1.4541 or Inconel material. Shelf plate with connection plug-in socket.
(For variants please refer to the worksheet).

Types of wiring: