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Precision resistor single or dual, Type Pt-100 as per IEC 60751 in Tolerance class B or A. Connected in 2, 3 or 4-wire circuit from precision resistor, installed in a metal protective cover made of stainless steel material 6 or 8mm in diameter and 20mm length.

For better thermal coupling, the precision resistors are covered with heat-conducting paste. Optionally also available with a silver tip for achieving optimal response time.

The immersion depth or the contact pressure can be changed using the adjusting spring made of steel and the bayonet cap.

Connection cable 2/4x 0.22qmm, insulation depending on measurement temperature either in silicone, teflon or glass silk. Optionally with shielding or with no shielding. For cable lengths KL please refer to the worksheet.

Screw-in nipples are available as accessories in various versions.

(For variants please refer to the worksheet).

Design of resistance thermometer:

Max. temperatures according to DIN for materials:

Silicone cable 180°C
Teflon cable 240°C
Glass silk cable 400°C
Glass silk cable (HT) 550°C

Pressures, temperatures and flow rates should be taken into account as per DIN or information in the technical data sheets.

Types of wiring: