Basic values according to DIN EN 60751 in tolerance class B or A. Precision resistor 1x or 2x Pt-100 (Pt-1000), connected from precision resistor in 2-, 3- or 4-wire circuit, extended with flexible, mineral insulated sheathed cable, highly compressed MgO- powder, internal wiring made of Cu alloy and exterior protection sheath of material 1.4541.
(For variants please refer to the worksheet).

Sheath material in case of temperature:
up to 500°C made of stainless steel;
up to 800°C made of Inconel

Subsequent cable transition sleeve made of brass or stainless steel, extension cable 2 or 4×0.22qmm cross-section, insulated individually and together with silicone, cable lengths can be selected individually. Diameters and lengths that are not listed can also be delivered.
(For variants please refer to the worksheet).

Types of wiring:

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