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Screw-in Resistance thermometer


Fitting with replaceable resistance thermometer inset

Screw-in thermocouple


Fitting with replaceable thermocouple-inset



Fitting with replaceable thermocouple inset

Flanged thermocouple


Fitting with replaceable thermocouple inset

Thermocouple inset


Flexible and/or rigid version with connection socket

Sheathed thermocouple with Lemosa plug


Flexible version with fixed Lemosa plug

Sheathed thermocouple with thermal plug


Flexible version with mounted thermal plug

Weld-in resistance thermometer


Fitting with replaceable resistance thermometer inset

Immersion resistance thermometer


Fittings with replaceable resistance thermometer inset

Flanged resistance thermometers


Fitting with replaceable resistance thermometer inset

Resistance thermometer inset


Flexible and /or rigid version with connection socket

Air conditioning resistance thermometer


Design with metal protection tube and compact plastic casing

Large straight thermocouples


Form AK (AKK) acc. to DIN EN 50446

Sheathed resistance thermometer with cable


Flexible version with connected extension cable

Surface - Sheathed Resistance Thermometer with connection cable


Version with surface-receivers and connected sheathed connection plus cable

Immersion thermocouple with metal protecive tube


Fitting with replaceable thermocouple inset

Sheathed thermocouple with cable


Flexible version with connected compensating cable

Multipoint thermocouple


Mineral insulated version - flexible









Screw-in resistance thermometer without extension pipe


Fitting with replaceable resistance thermometer inset