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You can see a selection of our services on this page. Our ambition is to adjust our services steadily and consistently to your needs.

If your request(s) has not been included in our broad spectrum of products and services depicted below, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to help you out!

Our Products and Services include:

  • Elevation and task formulation on site
  • Engineering of the measurement point:
  • Boundary conditions/ benchmark figures/ requirements/ requirement specifications for special components
  • Customer-specific solutions on Length, Diameters, Process Connections and Measurement Connections
  • Selection of appropriate components and materials
  • Protective tube – construction and selection of material for wetted parts
  • Ex-proof solutions
  • Aseptic solutions
  • Strains during the installation

We have our own facility to make important checks such as:

  • Pressure Measurement up to 600 bar
  • Electric checkups up to 5 KV
  • Thermic checkups up to 1.400 °C
  • Response-time checkup
  • Heat Dissipation checkup
  • Proprietary Calibration Certification from -40 °C up to +1200 °C
  • X-ray checkup
  • Test for Helium leaks
  • Dye Penetration Inspection, Class 2-tester

Our services include furthermore:

  • A large component-depot for special speed of delivery
  • Our own mechanical manufacturing with CNC- with a machining center for Rotation and Milling
  • A Surface polish ( wet grinding machine)
  • Laser engraving
  • Logistical solutions, also for Oversize-Units
  • Traceable Calibration (Dakks-calibration certificate) in the range from -196 °C up to +1400°C in collaboration with an accredited calibration laboratory
  • Assembly work
  • Documentation / drawings (3D CAD System)