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The founding of Krick Messtechnik & Partner KG (KMP) company began in a garage in Echzell, Hessen by Dipl.-Ing. Mr. Herbert Krick and Mr. Jürgen Hofmann.


Relocated to Langenselbold of an enlargement ground with a manufacturing area of 240m² with its own office and laboratory. By close of the year, 5 workers had been employed in the company.


Moved to Birkenweiher street in Langenselbold. Expansion premise with a total area of 600m² for building own Metalworks wit CNC-machines consisting of 15 employees.


Expansion of our product portfolio in the field of Electrical Heating Systems.


Ongoing Expansion of the machinery with a fully automatic CNF – Milling Center.


Move to a newly aquired premises in Langenselbold- Am Bahnhof 6a 63505.


Construction of a platform strategy for the foundation of ThermCable GmbH for the manufacture of Mineral Insulated Cables (1,300m² production area).
Further expansion in the area for Electrical Heating Systems through the foundation of the ThermSyS GmbH with emphasis on customer specific heating- and-temperature solutions. In the new group of companies consisted of 55 employees on a new production area of 1,900m².


Acquisition of the Thermo-Est Group from the Lorraine Maizieres Les Metz. A French manufacturer of temperature-sensors employing currently acquisition 100 people.


Formation of the ThermGroup Holding GmbH with headquarters in Langenselbold as the parent company of subsidiaries companies KMP, ThermCable, ThermSys and Thermo-Est. The entire staff of the ThermgGoup consists of approximately 230 employees.


Expansion of our Mechanics specialty through a new CNC- Automatic Lathe.


Start of production for the newly developed “Multipoint- Thermocouples”. A novelty on the market, which replaces the old technique of the Profile Thermocouples. The advantage of this technique is the bendability of the temperature sensors at full lengths as well as the lower assembly- and transporting costs.


Change of company name into Krick Messtechnik & Partner GmbH & Co. KG


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